New blog

Hello, this is my new blog all about my sewing projects.

I was inspired to make a blog after entering a sewing competition on with the chance to get lots of lovely fabric from Offset Warehouse. I designed two dog coats for my two dogs, Rolo and Lily, my chocolate lab and westie.  I wanted the dogs to have a well fitted coat for there country walks, as well as the fabric looking fashionable.


Lily modelling toile

Lily modelling toile


Cutting out toile

Cutting out toile


I wanted the fabric to have a heritage feel which I felt reflecting the colours within the Yorkshire countryside. Rather than stereotypical sludgy greens I decided to choose a fabric with slate blue and dark sienna to reflect the colours of the rooftops of cottages and the sienna to represent the colour of the autumn hedgerows. The print is Bloomsbury style, one of my favourite artistic movements.

Material choices

Material choices

3 thoughts on “New blog

  1. That’s one of my favorite fabrics! The colour is beautiful and Rolo & Lili will love the feel of it! Thank you so much for participating, I can’t wait to see the finished project!

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